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SUSS It Out!

Databases on Trial in August 2021

by Lim Bee Leng on 2021-08-04T10:02:00+08:00 | Comments

We are evaluating 7 new resources  

1. WARC,

2. CNKI eBooks (电子图书库),

3. CNKI Chinese Dictionary (Hanyu Da Cidian) & Kangxi Dictionary (汉语大词典 & 康熙字典),

4. CNKI China's Doctoral Dissertations/Master Theses (博士学位论文/ 硕士学位论文),

5. CNKI Reference Works (工具书),

6. iRead eBooks (华艺电子书)

7. Wanfang - China Online Journals 万方数据 - 中国数字化期刊全文数据库.

Do try them out and send us your evaluations.


WARC [till 13 August 2021]

Access articles, best practices, case studies and research reports on marketing and advertising from WARC. 



CNKI eBooks 电子图书库 [till 31 August 2021]

Access 15,000 Chinese electronic books from CNKI's eBooks covering Chinese history, philosophy, language, literature, social sciences provided by China's renowned publishers. 



CNKI Chinese Dictionary (Hanyu Da Cidian) & Kangxi Dictionary 汉语大词典 & 康熙字典 [till 31 August 2021]

Access the 12-volume Chinese Dictionary (Hanyu Da Cidian) and the 24-volume Kangxi Dictionary published during the Qing dynasty from CNKI's Dictionaries.  The latter is most useful if you are reading classical Chinese. 



CNKI China's Doctoral Dissertations/Master Theses 博士学位论文/ 硕士学位论文 [till 31 August 2021]

Access 380 thousand China's doctoral dissertations and over 3.67 million China's masters theses from CNKI's Dissertations/Theses.



CNKI Reference Works 工具书 [till 31 August 2021]

Access 10,663 Chinese reference works such as handbooks, encyclopedia and chronicles from CNKI's Reference Works.



iRead eBooks 华艺电子书 [till 31 August 2021]

Access Chinese electronic books that are mainly published in Taiwan. 



Wanfang - China Online Journals 万方数据 - 中国数字化期刊全文数据库 [till 31 August 2021]

Access over 8,000 Chinese academic journals in full text covering all subjects from arts, finance to medical and technology since 1998 from Wanfang's China Online Journals. 

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