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SUSS It Out!

Good luck for exams!

by Erella Khwang on 2019-05-17T15:57:00+08:00 | Comments

SUSS Library wishes students best of luck for their examinations

The examinations period is here! Some exam tips to get through this period: 

1) Open vs closed book examinations.

Armed with notes, laptop, ipad, textbooks and study guides, these reference materials rescue students when they forget particular terms and their mind blanks out during the actual test. However, the hard truth is that during the actual examination, there really isn't much time to go through the textbook. You might not be able to finish answering all the questions if you have to flip your textbook during the test! Which brings us to the next point: 

2) Notes, post-its, colourful sticky flags and highlighters.

With the pressure of time constraints during the actual examination, many students get frustrated flipping through their books and end up spending lots of time trying to find the information they are looking for. This is where sticky flags come in which helps students to quickly find the pages they are looking for. For e-books, remember to bookmark the page and highlight the important points. 

3) Be well-prepared. 

It's always better to be well-prepared to tackle the examination questions instead of relying on the notes. A camcorder memory with photos of all the formulas and definitions will be perfect! Unfortunately, no one has such a supernatural ability, which means lots of time needs to be spent memorising and understanding concepts before the test. Consult the librarian at if you need assistance in finding your journal articles in preparation for the examinations.  

4) Avoid distractions. 

The Tay Eng Soon library is the best place to study on campus! The Quiet Zone's individual study carrels is the perfect place to just shut everything else out and study. Stressed out and frazzled? The Surf and Study Zone is a calm work space which offers a view of the serene green outdoors and Koi pond. Studying with friends makes concepts really stick! Come to the Chill-Out Alley, where students can mingle, relax and take a break. Students can also discuss and talk about subject topics at the Interactive Zone, which facilities collaborative group learning. The Tay Eng Soon Library is opened from Mondays to Fridays 8.30am to 9.00pm and Saturdays from 9am to 5.30pm. Lastly, heed this piece of advice from JK Rowling - 

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