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SUSS It Out!

Library Etiquette

by Venassa Lum Mei Lin on 2019-10-16T17:00:00+08:00 | Comments


You may have seen these posters at SIM’s Tay Eng Soon Library. Do kindly note that in the library, we are to feast on books and not food! Please keep food and drinks outside the library, and only bottled water are allowed on premises. There will be a heavy fine of $100 and removal of privileges if this policy is violated!



Libraries are a shared space for everyone. We need to be considerate by respecting each library's rules and other users, e.g, by keeping our noise level down, not hogging seats and treating everyone, including library staff, with courtesy and respect. If you’re visiting SIM’s Tay Eng Soon Library, let’s please ensure we all have a fruitful and enjoyable experience! Read more here


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