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SUSS Library Reads This National Day

by Erella Khwang on 2019-08-06T10:39:00+08:00 | Comments

2019 is a special year as it marks the nation’s bicentennial since the arrival of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in Singapore. As Singapore celebrates its 54th birthday, let’s get to know our country better through these books on Singapore history and literary works.

Singathology: 50 New Works by Celebrated Singaporean Writers

Gwee Li Sui, 2015

A collection of original Singapore literature, this two-volume anthology comprises 50 specially commissioned new works from past winners of the prestigious Cultural Medallion or Young Artist Award. As a celebration of Singapore literature to be launched on the nation’s jubilee year, the richness and diversity of the nation's creative spirit is illustrated in this anthology. Pieces written in mother tongue languages of Chinese, Tamil and Malay will be included in their original form, but will be accompanied by their English translations.

Revisiting Malaya: Malayan dream or Singapore nightmare

Hong, Lysa

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Vol.16 (1), 24-34, 2015

What “Malaya” is or what it means to Singaporeans today has a history. This article revisits the historical and contemporary scenes where “Malaya” is a subject and fleshes out the politics underlying the conflict between those who desire and those who despise it. Whether Singapore's history of the 1950s and early 1960s is the striving for a dream or the forestalling of a nightmare situation is fiercely debated today.

A Building with One Side Missing: Liberal Arts and Illiberal Modernities in Singapore

Philip Holden

Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, Vol. 33 (1), 1-28, 2018

Raffles College, Singapore’s first comprehensive institution of higher education, brought a particular pedagogical community from its opening in 1928 to its temporary closure during the Pacific War in December 1941. This article prompts us to revisit issues that remain pertinent in contemporary Singapore and questions relating to the development of higher education in Asia.

To preserve or enhance precious memories: a segmented market analysis of the history museum in Singapore

Chang, Sharon; Mahadevan, Renuka

Journal of Cultural Economics, Vol. 42 (1), 75-89, 2018

This study examines the value placed on museums by patrons and non-patrons and investigates the factors that affect this valuation with a view to boost visitorship. With a total economic value of at least US$57 million, investment towards museums as cultural capital is valuable to Singapore’s economy.  

Have a book on Singapore history or literature to recommend? Want to build on our Singapore Book Collection? Email to let us know. Happy National Day.

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