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eBooks of Statistics from Singapore Department of Statistics

by Marion Ngo on 2020-10-12T14:34:00+08:00 | Comments

Looking for more statistics to support your research, or just curious to know how many graduates there were in 2018 (compared to say, another year in the past)?

Check out the eBook of Statistics from the Singapore Department of Statistics, with concise information on data, interactive dashboards, videos, and more! It’s also available on your phone for viewing on the go.

It features a wide range of topics relevant to Singapore, from economy and industry, to households and society, and it’s separated into neat sections for ease of access.


How to Use:

You can start by selecting the category you’re looking for. For example, let’s take a look at the number of “Graduates from University First Degree Courses by Type of Course and Sex, Annual” under Population -> Education and Literacy.

You can display the information as a pivot table, or as a line chart to track the trend over the years.­­


Very broadly, we can see that there is a rising number of both male and female graduates, with most male graduates coming from Engineering Sciences, and most female graduates coming from the Humanities & Social Sciences in 2018.

Under “Export”, you can export the file in various formats to include in your essays (png, pdf, jpg), or even XLSX or CSV if you would like to work with the data.

Other Statistics Resources:

If you enjoyed this and found it useful, don’t forget we have access to Statista as well, which we have written about previously, and other statistics-related resources and databases you could look up at SUSS Library.

As you usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to Ask the Library at

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