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Borrow, Renew, and Return Physical Library Resources

Borrowing Privileges

Steps to Borrow

1) Search/Request


Making a request for physical resources via SUSS Library website

1. Key in the title of the resource that you would like to borrow and click ‘Search’.

2. Sign in to your library account.

3. Once you have signed in, click on the title you would like to borrow.

4. Click on ‘Request’.

5. Click on ‘Send Request’.

6. The green box indicates a successful submission.

7. If the resource is available for loan, your request will be fulfilled within 3 working days. You will be informed of the collection details via your SUSS email.



2) Collect

Once you receive the email notification, you can proceed to the Smart Locker located at Blk C, Level 2 (C2.02) to collect your requested resources. 

Watch the video to learn how to collect your requested resources. 


Simply return borrowed resources via the Smart Locker. Watch the video to know more.


You may renew your borrowed resource unless a request has been placed on the item. Please take note of the renewal quota stated under borrowing privileges.

A maximum of 2 renewals will be allowed for each eligible resource.

To renew, go to the Library Search.

1. Click "Sign in"

2. After signing in, click "My Loans".

3. You will see a list of resources that you have borrowed. Click the "Renew" button for the resource that you want to renew.

4. The status of the resource will now read "Renewed", and a new due date will be shown.

You will receive a renewal receipt via your SUSS email after the resource has been renewed.