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A Guide for the School of Law

About this guide


Welcome to our Guide for the School Of Law

This guide provides an overview of resources available at SUSS Library for the School of Law. Use the tabs on the left to find eBooks, eJournals, databases and more.



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Law Databases

Tax Databases

Other databases

For the complete list of databases, go to Databases A-Z

NLB eResources 

For additional databases, go to NLB eResources 

Links Beyond SUSS

Links Beyond SUSS

  • Singapore Statutes Online: This is the official website for Singaporean legislation. It provides access to the latest versions of Singapore's statutes and subsidiary legislation. 
  • Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) LegislationNet: LegislationNet is a free online database provided by the SAL. It offers access to Singaporean legislation and selected subsidiary legislation. 
  • Singapore Law Watch: This website offers access to legal news, judgments, and legislation in Singapore. It's a useful resource for staying updated on legal developments in the country. 
  • Sinngapore Legal Advice: This website offers legal advice and resources for individuals seeking legal information in Singapore. It's a useful resource for understanding legal concepts and processes.
  • LawNet: LawNet provides access to Singaporean case law, legislation, and other legal resources. It's widely used by legal professionals in Singapore.
  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS): The IRAS is the main government agency responsible for tax administration in Singapore. Their website offers a wealth of information on Singapore's tax laws, including income tax, goods and services tax (GST), property tax, and more.
  • Tax Academy of Singapore: The Tax Academy of Singapore is an institution under the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). It offers various tax-related courses and resources, including publications and events related to tax law and practice.
  • Deloitte Tax@hand Singapore: Deloitte's Tax@hand platform provides insights and updates on tax laws and regulations in Singapore. While it's not an official government resource, it offers valuable information for individuals and businesses navigating Singapore's tax landscape.