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HRM261 Work Motivation

A Resource Guide for HRM261 Work Motivation

Getting Started

Getting Started

This library guide serves as a resource list for students of HRM261 Work Motivation (or if you would simply like to learn more about this topic).

Learn how to search for the materials you need, discover some keywords and key phrases you could use, and check out our suggested journals and databases.

For further questions, please Ask the Library by emailing us at

Sample Keywords

When you find appropriate items, use keywords and subject headings from the records to improve your subsequent searches.

Sample keywords and key phrases in Work Motivation include the following.

  • Purpose of working
  • Employee motivation strategies
  • Motivation and emotion
  • Measuring motivation
  • Employee self-esteem and/or well-being
  • Employee motivation and human relations management
  • Feedback application 
  • Job satisfaction 
  • Workplace expectation 
​Also, consider combining your topic with these terms:
  • Motivation AND performance
  • Motivation AND organisational effectiveness
  • Motivation AND leadership
  • Motivation AND feedback
  • Motivation AND human relations 


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Recommended by the Lecturer

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Some eBook Recommendations

Here are some eBooks we've picked out for you, which we believe to be relevant for your course.

While these resources are here to support your research and learning, do check with your lecturer(s) on the required/necessary readings for your course.

This list is sorted alphabetically by the author(s)'s last name.

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Search eJournals in BrowZine

Search e-journals

Journals from BrowZine

Relevant Journals


Cover of Motivation and Emotion    Cover of Employee Relations  Cover of Performance Improvement  Cover of Professions and Professionalism Cover of Work, Employment & Society Cover of Journal of Management Cover of Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) Cover of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology


(from top right to bottom left, horizontally:)

  1. Motivation and Emotion

  2. Human Resource Management Journal

  3. Employee Relations

  4. Performance Improvement 

  5. Leadership

  6. Professions and Professionalism

  7. Work, Employment and Society

  8. Journal of Management

  9. The Academy of Management Journal

  10. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology


Suggested Readings

(Once again, these are readings to supplement your research and learning. Do check with your lecturer(s) for the required readings for your course.)

  • Increasing Morale: Personal and Work Environment Antecedents of Job Morale Among Staff in Juvenile Corrections from Journal of Criminal Justice and Behaviour, 2014-11, Vol.41 (11), p.1308-1326
    "educational level, race, tenure, age, input into decision-making, organizational fairness, perceptions of coworkers, and workplace cooperation each had a positive relationship with morale, while job stress had a negative association. Workplace variables accounted for far greater variance in the job morale variable than did personal characteristics, which holds implications for efforts to improve correctional staff morale."



  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development from Public Personnel Management, 2012-09, Vol.41 (3), p.535-548
    "This paper reviews the current literature on the concept of emotional intelligence and makes recommendations for incorporating emotional intelligence into leadership development programs."


Relevant Databases

Here are some databases we believe would be most relevant.

Should you be looking for a more interdisciplinary approach (e.g. exploring the intersections between motivation and leadership), we would recommend you expand your search to other databases, too (e.g. expanding your search to Business Source Complete (EBSCO)).

Databases: Newspapers & Magazines

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with over 13,000 courses. A few relevant examples might include: