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The Power of Generative AI

by Suhasini Rajendran on 2023-10-05T10:52:11+08:00 | 0 Comments

Generative AI uses algorithms and machine learning models to generate new, creative content, such as images, music, and even text.  

SUSS Library provides access to some exciting books on Generative AI.

Tactical Entanglements: AI Art, Creative Agency, and the Limits of Intellectual Property 

Author: Martin Zeilinger 
Publisher: Meson Press 
Publication Year: 2021 

The artist in the machine: the world of AI-powered creativity 

Author: Arthur L Miller 
Publisher: MIT Press 
Publication Year: 2019

AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams 

Author: Joanna Zylinska 
Publisher: Open Humanities Press 
Publication Year: 2020 

The Photographer's Guide to Luminar AI 

Author: Jeff Carlson  
Publisher: Rocky Nook 
Publication Year: 2021 

The AI product manager's handbook: develop a product that takes advantage of machine learning to solve AI problems 

Author: Irene Bratsis
Publisher: Packt Publishing 
Publication date – 2023 

Gpt-3: The Ultimate Guide to Building NLP Products with OpenAI API 

Author: Sandra Kublik & Shubham Saboo 
Publisher: Packt Publishing 
Publication Year: 2023  

Making AI Intelligible: Philosophical Foundations 

Authors: Herman Cappelen & Josh Denver  
Publisher: Oxford University Press 
Publication Year: 2021 

AI based Robot Safe Learning and Control 

Authors: Zhou, Xuefeng, Xu, Zhihao, Li, Shuai, Wu, Hongmin, Cheng, Taobo  & Lv, Xiaojing 
Publisher: Springer Nature 
Publication Year: 2020  

AI in talent development: capitalise on the AI revolution to transform the way you work, learn, and live

Author: Margie Meacham 
Publisher: Association for Talent Development 
Publication Year: 2021 

The human edge: how curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy

Author: Greg Orme 
Publisher: Pearson 
Publication Year: 2019  

Robots and AI: A New Economic Era

Authors: Lili Yan Ing & Gene M. Grossman 
Publisher: Routledge  
Publication Year: 2023 

There are also videos on LinkedIn Learning on Generative AI. SUSS Library has curated a collection of videos from LinkedIn Learning to help you learn more about the capability of Generative AI. You can refer to our FAQ on how to access LinkedIn Learning.

Generative AI opens infinite possibilities for creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. But these must work hand in hand with ethical practices and guidelines. It will be interesting and exciting to see the development of Generative AI for future use.  

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