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Searching for Resources

Tips on how to search for the resources you need!

Saving Your Search

As Primo refreshes itself after some period of inactivity, it is advised that you save your searches and your results.

1 & 2. Add this item (thumbtack icon)

You can click on the thumbtack icon to save a result. Once it’s pinned, the thumbtack logo will appear upright with a line across. You can always remove it by clicking it again.

3. Save Query

This saves the search according to what you have keyed into the search bar.

4. See Saved Searches and Search History

To see your saved searches and results, click on the larger thumbtack on top of the Primo page. This is the page you will then arrive at, with a list of your saved records, saved queries, and view your search history.

Again, you can remove an item by clicking on the upright thumbtack with a line across.

Saving Your Citations

While you can save your searches and generate citations on Primo, you could also choose to do so using a citation or reference management software to manage your bibliographic data and research materials. Zotero and Mendeley are free for your use; you could also use EndNote.