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RemoteXs Proxy Bookmarklet

Access in a Click.

Finding Your Resources Online

At the page with the article you would like to proxy, click on "Access via RemoteXs" on your bookmark toolbar to gain access.

This would be useful if you were trying to access articles you have found on platforms outside of SUSS Library (e.g. Google Scholar, other databases, etc).

If SUSS Library has licensed the content, you'll get access to the resource, as you would via Library Search or Databases A-Z.

If you're not authenticated, you'll be prompted to log in with your login credentials.

A Demonstration for Google Scholar

1. For instance, you are searching for articles on Google Scholar, and come across a relevant article.

2. Clicking on the link, you would arrive at the article's page.

3. Click on the proxy bookmarklet link you have dragged and drop from your bookmark bar.

(If it is not visible, Ctrl + Shift + B opens the bookmark bar; or Cmd + Shift + B if you are on Mac.)


4. You should now have access to the full article, with the proxy stem next to the article link. (RemoteXs may ask you to log in before you are able to access the article.)



Note that the RemoteXs Proxy Bookmarklet would not work if:

  • The resource has not been licensed or configured by SUSS

    If used on a resource we did not license and/or have not yet configured on our RemoteXs server, you will see the below error message:

Solution: In this case, we would recommend you search the article again directly through our Library Search, or use another resource/article. Alternatively, you can set up Libkey Nomad on your browser; a blue pop-up will be displayed on the bottom left corner if an article is accessible via SUSS Library. Read our LibKey Nomad Guide here.

  • On mobile

Solution: Try searching directly on SUSS Library’s main page. You might find our Library Guide to Searching for Articles useful.

If you are on mobile, you might consider downloading BrowZine to read articles on the go. Read our BrowZine How-To Guide.