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Electronic Books (eBooks)



SUSS Library offers access to a variety of scholarly electronic book (eBook) collections via its online portal for use by the SUSS community.

This guide will share with you the following:

  • What is an eBook?
  • Which are the main eBook collections available through SUSS Library?
  • Where to locate the eBooks?
  • How to use the eBooks? 

Electronic Book (eBook)

Electronic Book (eBook)

An electronic book, also known as an eBook is a book publication made available in digital or electronic form.  It can be read online or offline on computers or mobile devices through compatible web browsers, software readers, and applications. 

The use of eBooks must comply with all applicable copyright laws, including, but not limited to, the Singapore Copyright Act 2021, adhere to the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy. 

Publishers and eBook providers keep their eBook collection on their respective platforms and the usage of eBooks is subject to the licensing Terms and Conditions, and copyright restrictions set by the publishers. Each eBook platform is distinct, featuring unique designs, user interfaces, search functionalities, and additional features like personal folders or virtual bookshelves. Additionally, most eBook platforms require users to register a personal account in order to access full eBook downloads and benefit from personalized services like saving search history, bookmarks, and annotations within eBooks.

You may be curious as to why certain eBooks can be freely read or downloaded without the need for any additional software, while others require specific software like Adobe Digital Editions or proprietary apps/platforms for access.

Publishers protect their eBooks by implementing Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions. These restrictions involve the use of specialized software, such as Adobe Digital Editions, to limit access to the content through lending models (e.g., borrowing periods or "one reader, one eBook" restrictions). DRM also helps control copying, printing, and unauthorized distribution of the content. Most eBooks that offer single or multiple user access are typically DRM-protected titles.

In contrast, DRM-free eBooks have fewer restrictions when it comes to accessing, copying, downloading, and printing. Publishers have removed DRM technology from these eBooks, allowing them to be read on any device with unlimited user access.

In summary, DRM policies can vary for individual eBooks, platforms, and modes of access.

Main eBook Collection

Main eBook Collection

SUSS Library acquires eBooks from various publishers and online resource providers through purchases or subscriptions. We work closely with our faculty to continuously select and develop diverse, relevant, and useful eBook collections, aiming to enhance the services offered to the SUSS community. 

To access SUSS Library's licensed eBooks, you can access them directly via SUSS Library or outside SUSS Library website. 

1. Access the eBook collections from the publisher or provider's platform via SUSS Library:

2. Access SUSS's licensed eBooks outside SUSS Library website (e.g. google scholar, publisher's platform, academic databases etc.)

(Login to SUSS Library when you are prompted to sign in. Refer to our FAQ on How to Login to SUSS Library for details.)


Alkem Digital Library

Alkem Digital Library

Alkem Digital Library offers a curated eBook collection whereby titles will be added over time for your online and offline access. To download and read the eBook offline, you are required to install Adobe Digital Edition. It allows you to borrow the eBook for 3 days. 

Do you know that you can read eBooks online and offline through Alkem Digital Library? You can even listen to the content of the eBooks. For more details, please refer to Alkem's Video Guide and Support webpage

EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO eBooks

SUSS Library offers over 210,000 ebooks from EBSCO that are either purchases or from EBSCO's eBook Academic Collection subscription covering Business and Economics, Digital Marketing, Education, Film Studies, Language Arts and Disciplines, Literary Criticism, Political Science, Psychotherapy, Social Science, and Technology and Engineering.

The EBSCO platform provides useful tools and functions:

  • Personal Folder
  • Save search history
  • Citation Format
  • Create Note
  • More...

Do check out the guide on how to create an EBSCO Personal Account to sign-in into My EBSCOhost!


You may be wondering why certain ebooks are not accessible or require signing in to a personal account for downloading. Additionally, you might be curious about terms such as Unlimited Users, 1B3U, or 1B1U and how they impact your access to ebooks.

To address your queries, EBSCO has compiled a comprehensive user guide on the usage of its ebooks. This guide will provide you with information on how to check the Publisher Permissions and Concurrent Level for ebook accessibility and availability, among other details, on the "Book Details" page.


  • Unlimited Users (1BUU) = Unlimited simultaneous users per title
  • Three Users (1B3U) = Provides access to three users simultaneously
  • One User (1B1U) = Provide users access to titles, one user at a time

Do check out the EBSCO User Guide for details!

CNKI eBooks 电子图书库

What are available in the CNKI?

Our China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) eBooks collection provides unlimited full-text access to selected Chinese titles covering Chinese studies, language and literature, translation, and early Chinese education.


Would you like to acquire the necessary skills to effectively search or browse CNKI eBooks for your learning and research needs?  Please refer to the video guide for more information. 

DSM-5 Library

DSM-5 Library

Emerald Insight: eBooks

Emerald Insight: eBooks


Access 150 Emerald eBooks on accounting, business, finance, economics, and management most sought after by SUSS library users since 2019. 

eBook Select 50 (2019)

- eBook Select 50 (2020)

eBook Select 50 (2021)

Emerald Insights' eBooks are accessible on the Emerald platform, which also offers additional online resources such as journals and business cases. You may want to refer to the comprehensive user guide compiled by Emerald to explore the content of the eBooks, research tools, and features. 

Do check out the Emerald Insight User Guide for details!


JSTOR eBooks

JSTOR eBooks

We have 184 multidisciplinary eBooks available in JSTOR. The collection mainly comprises full-text backfiles and access is DRM-free (Digital Rights Management-free) with no restrictions or limits on chapter PDF downloads and printing. 

JSTOR's eBooks are available on the JSTOR platform, which also offers additional online resources such as journals, images, and primary sources. You may want to refer to the comprehensive user guide compiled by JSTOR to help you explore its research tools and features.

Do check out the JSTOR User Guide for details!



Access to the following Knovel collection covering over 600 eBooks:

  • Aerospace & Radar Technology Academic

Besides eBooks, the database also includes interactive tools such as equations, unit converters, interactive graphs, and tables. 

Knovel database are accessible via Databases A-Z under the section 'K' or "eBook Collection" under Database Type. 

You can sign up for a Knovel account that allows you to save and bookmark search results, create notes in eBooks, and access content offline on your mobile device.

Please refer to our FAQ  for details. 

Do you know that you can search within results to narrow your search for precision? Do you also know that a unit converter and equations are made available on the Knovel platform for your use? Besides accessing the eBooks on the web, you can also save to mobile too. 



LexRead contains exclusive content of legal-related eBooks on Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

 Access is available only to students and faculty from the School of Law.

  • LexRead eBooks are accessible via Databases A-Z under the section 'L' or "eBook Collection" under Database Type. 
  • SUSS Library has 58 LexRead eBooks to date and will be progressively adding more titles to this collection.
  • Check out our FAQ on LexRead's eBook available titles and access for details. 


Do you know that you need to download "iPublishCentral Reader" in order to read the eBooks offline? Do you also know that access is limited to 12 concurrent users per eBook? Users can access each eBook for a maximum of 5.

Please check out the user guide curated by LexRead for details!

O'Reilly for Higher Education

O'Reilly for Higher Education

O'Reilly for Higher Education (previously known as Safari Technical Books) is a training and learning platform on information technology and business. It contains more than 35,000 ebooks, videos, courses, learning paths, playlists, and case studies on emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, big data, financial technology (FinTech), and gaming. Participating publishers include Addison-Wesley Professional, IBM Redbooks, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft Press, O'Reilly Media, and Packt Publishing.

Oxford Academic eBooks

Oxford Academic eBooks

Oxford University Press has moved its major electronic book collections to the Oxford Academic where the journals are also available. Our collection of 179 Oxford Scholarship eBooks acquired through their Evidence-based model is accessible on this platform. Subjects include History, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology, Law, Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, Mathematics, and Business & Management.


Do you want to optimize the features of Oxford Academic eBook platform such as the search tool and author-written chapter summaries? 

Do check out Oxford Academic's instructional video on eBooks for details!

ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central?

Access our main collection of over 3,000 eBooks from ProQuest Ebook Central covering Business and Management, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Political Science, and Social Science.

The Proquest Ebook Central platform provides useful tools and functions:

  • Bookshelf features
  • View your downloads
  • Save searches
  • Save Bookmarks
  • Annotation 
  • More...

Do check out the guide on how to create a Proquest Ebook Central for sign-in!

Do you know that you do not need to sign-in separately to download individual chapters through Proquest Ebook Central?  Besides that, do you know that you can create your Bookshelf to add your bookmarks and annotated eBooks?  

To answer your queries, Proquest has compiled a comprehensive user guide on the usage of its eBooks.  You will get to know how to create a personal account, conduct searches, and create a personalized bookshelf to facilitate your learning and research purposes. 

Do check out the Proquest Ebook Central User Guide for details!

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods

This collection contains content from over 720 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the entire “Little Green Book,” and "Little Blue Book” series, two Major Works collating a selection of journal articles, and specially commissioned videos. 

Researchers can explore methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up their findings. Since it focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across the social sciences, health sciences, and more.

Do you need guidance on how to access eBooks and research tools provided in SAGE Research Methods?

Please check out the instructional video produced by SAGE for details!


Taylor & Francis eBooks

Taylor & Francis eBooks

Access the collection of Taylor and Francis eBooks covering social sciences, humanities and engineering & Technology. 

Do you have the following questions in mind when using Taylor and Francis eBooks?

  • How can I restrict search results to only show content I have access to?
  • How can I tell which eBooks are accessible to me?
  • How do I use DRM-protected eBooks on Taylor & Francis ebooks?

Do check out the user guide curated by Taylor & Francis for details. 

Westlaw Asia

Westlaw Asia

Westlaw Asia provides a multi-jurisdictional legal research service with a focus on Asia. Subscription covers Malaysia, India, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom with the add-on commentaries from UK and Singapore. It provides information on these countries, and their laws, regulations and jurisprudence, and offers a collection of regional and international resources on the legal environment. The content comprises Case Law, Legislation, Journals, Current Awareness, Commentary, and News.

Note: Westlaw Classic, Practical Law, and Proview are not part of the Westlaw Asia subscription.

Wiley eBooks

Wiley eBooks

We have acquired 214 eBooks published by Wiley and they are made available on Wiley Online Library. Subjects include art and applied arts, business, economics, finance and accounting, humanities, law and criminology, social and behavioral sciences, and psychology.


Have you ever wondered how Wiley eBooks function on Wiley Online Library?

Do watch the instructional video produced by Wiley for details.

SpringerLink eBooks

SpringerLink eBooks

Access 62 Springer Nature's ebooks comprising 28 publications authored or edited by current SUSS Faculty from the SpringerLink database .

SpringerLink eBooks are available on their platform, which also offers additional online resources such as journals, images, and primary sources. You may want to refer to the comprehensive user guide compiled by SpringerLink to help you explore its research tools and features.

Check out our FAQ on how to access Springer resources through SUSS Library For details, please refer to SpringerLink Quick Reference Guide

VitalSource Explore

VitalSource Explore

SUSS Library provides the following eBooks on a subscription basis via VitalSource Explore (VSE) as reference materials:

1. Miles, M. B., Saldaña, J., & Huberman, A. M. (2018). Qualitative Data Analysis : A Methods Sourcebook (Fourth edition). SAGE.
2. Goetsch, David L. & Davis, Stanley (2022). Quality Management for Organizational Excellence (Ninth edition). Pearson.
3. Lyon, David (2018). The Culture of Surveillance: Watching as a Way of Life. John Wiley & Sons.
4. Joyce, Peter & Laverick, Wendy (2021). Policing : Development and Contemporary Practice (Second edition). SAGE.
5. Zito, Rena C. (2022). Engaged Criminology : An Introduction. SAGE.

  • VitalSource Explore's eBooks are accessible via Databases A-Z under the section 'V' or "eBook Collection" under eBook CollectionType. 
  • eBooks are available for a 2-hour loan and the number of concurrent users per eBook varies from title to title.
  • Check out our FAQ on the access for details. 


World Scientific eBooks

World Scientific eBooks

Our collection of World Scientific eBooks comprises titles on Singapore politics, economy, history, and society written in Chinese and English. 

Besides the eBooks, World Scientific's website also offers additional online resources such as journals and reference works. You may want to refer to the comprehensive user guide compiled by World Scientific to find out how to conduct searches, download citations, and view eBooks. 

Do check out the World Scientific's User Guide for details!


Adopted Electronic Textbook (eTextbook)

How do I access SUSS's adopted textbooks?

Educational Media and Resources (EMR) under Learning Services Cluster is the department that manages the adopted eTextbook collection.  These adopted eTextbooks are accessible via Canvas. 

Please refer to the user guide and FAQ made available on the Learning Services Cluster website.

Do take note that SUSS Library does not manage these adopted eTextbooks. Therefore, the titles are unavailable via the SUSS Library website.