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About this guide

About this guide

Welcome to our Sociology Research Guide

This guide is meant to give an overview of materials and resources available at SUSS Library and beyond for researchers in Sociology. Use the tabs on the left to find articles, books, background information and more.

Here are some examples of keywords and phrases which can be used when searching for sociology resources in SUSS Library

  • society
  • social structure
  • social culture
  • social class
  • inequality
  • social issues
  • social change
  • social interaction
  • social institutions
  • accepted norms 
  • social stratification
  • gender and society 
  • race and society
  • ethnicity and society 
  • social movements
  • globalisation
  • social theory 
  • social studies 
  • society and economies
  • societal taboos 
  • society and the internet 


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